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Greg about Penis
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bernd about Penis
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on Mar 9th 2005, 12:06:37 wrote
motherfuckeri about Penis

on Apr 27th 2008, 22:04:53 wrote
raul about Penis

on Apr 27th 2008, 22:04:18 wrote
big about Penis

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donna wrote on Mar 23rd 2004, 02:14:59 about


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i wish i had one of my own to play with. they are so pretty and feel so good to play with, i wish everyone had one to play with whenever they choose.

Greg wrote on Aug 12th 2003, 03:40:54 about


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»Elvis the Pelvis« and his long-lost brother, Enos.

I have a penis too. wrote on Apr 27th 2008, 21:49:25 about


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It's like, you know, a penis? Some people look at it and they see a work of art. Others look at it and see just a penis. I look at it and see a tool of pleasure.

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