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words killa about alphabet

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Gaazaa about alphabet

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purplesage wrote on Mar 29th 2001, 17:55:08 about


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The letters which make up words.

Our ABC's.

KD wrote on Jan 16th 2002, 02:09:04 about


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Oh god, let us write a dictionary of desire. That sort of thing would go over well in the life of Frank Leigh Dearie and his good friends, Vidalia and Mr Piccadilly.

Snow wrote on Apr 4th 2003, 10:40:39 about


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If you don't have alphabets in your soup then eat vegetable soup instead.

Seamus MacNemi wrote on Jun 13th 2002, 00:24:10 about


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An »ALPHABET« is an organized system of phonetic(sound) symbols, each indicating a specific positioning of the lips tongue and teeth in utterance. Not all »ALPHABETS« begin with »A«, such as the Druidic Ogham.

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