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Das Gift about broken

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whatevernext96 wrote on Dec 16th 2001, 18:14:29 about


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'Least said, soonest mended' – but what if the broken object is your whole life?

Balzac wrote on Oct 5th 2001, 00:55:38 about


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i think my head is broken, it hurts. I got a headache.

me and smiley wrote on Dec 2nd 2001, 02:41:22 about


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the opposite of being broken is being fixed...put together....not damaged....whole....complete....we can go on....and on...and on...because it's a simple be broken or not to be broken? that is the question.

me and smiley wrote on Dec 2nd 2001, 02:45:32 about


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The most broken thing I encounterd was me.

Orpheus wrote on Mar 26th 2002, 19:29:53 about


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I sleep in a broken bed and have broken dreams.

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