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steve about drugs
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Gay Rapper about drugs

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IVHqiTwpQV about drugs

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paniq about drugs

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steve wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 22:25:39 about


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My current drug of choice is caffeine.
My favorite means of delivery is Diet Coke.
I'm not half the man I used to be.

diego wrote on Feb 9th 2002, 00:49:44 about


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Drugs should be legalized for two reasons. First, the criminal mafias that exist around it are a result of the prohibition that exists against them. Second, the only way to obtain illegal drugs, is through the black market, which hasn't a quality control. Adulteration of drugs is the cause of the death of many people. It would not happen if drugs were legalized.

crystal wrote on Oct 26th 2002, 07:45:34 about


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It has created absolute regret in my life.

Miller wrote on Aug 23rd 2000, 15:54:09 about


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Join the war on Catnip! It must be stopped!

citron vert wrote on Mar 30th 2001, 14:10:59 about


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'I don't use drugs,' she said, 'Except for an occasional joint or a little coke.'

'I know, me too,' he said. 'I don't drink either, except for a couple of beers after work.'

Not surprisingly, they were fascinated with each other.

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