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taylor wrote on Sep 2nd 2003, 06:20:32 about


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even steady.
pudding and pie.
apples and oranges.
you and i.
cry and then sigh.

Emma Example wrote on Apr 24th 2008, 08:23:53 about


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When God created heaven and Earth, he also created Adam and Eve. In fact, since he liked women better, he not only created one Eve, but more. Two, three,... on the ninth day, he had created more than 10 billion of them. All looked differently, smelled differently, sounded differently, behaved differently, and pleased Him differently. But all were of divine beauty and gifts.

But since even He ran out of names for this legion of women, he decided to number them: eve1, eve2, eve3, and so forth, until he reached even.

rkcba wrote on Dec 19th 2007, 22:47:44 about


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But if you even the odds, then, well, that would make them even, right?
I mean, what did you do to the odds? Double them? Add one to them?

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