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francis about greed
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Reginald about greed
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on Jun 10th 2007, 22:27:27 wrote
john jewel about greed

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cccccccc about greed

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francis wrote on Jan 11th 2002, 05:50:48 about


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is the eager desire for more of something such as food, money, or power than it is necessary or fair to have

Reginald wrote on Oct 13th 2018, 19:34:58 about


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Greed – avarice; cupidity; selfish desire to possess more and more and more, beyond what is needed.

frei' wrote on Oct 21st 2002, 17:25:13 about


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greed comes basically from the poor who never had, they excceed when they obtain the need, so is that glad to have or greed?

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