Amount of texts to »happyness« 17, and there are 16 texts (94.12%) with a rating above the adjusted level (-3)
Average lenght of texts 124 Characters
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First text on May 22nd 2000, 17:28:16 wrote
philip about happyness
Latest text on Nov 20th 2013, 14:14:46 wrote
August about happyness
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on Dec 13th 2005, 03:05:04 wrote
Orpheus about happyness

on May 8th 2002, 01:24:16 wrote
[das flederwiesel]™ about happyness

on Dec 12th 2005, 19:31:43 wrote
manzana about happyness

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Texts to »Happyness«

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 18th 2001, 17:37:52 about


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This word looks as though it could have been written by Kanga or Roo on a particularly happy, hippy-hoppy day.

Markotron wrote on Aug 13th 2000, 11:45:52 about


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What about replacinging happyness by happiness?
My association to happiness concerning the blaster:
(You know there are a lot of these books called »happiness is...« or »friendship is...«; and I'll try to write this entry that style)
Happiness is writing some entries without touching the forbidden key (which is the one with the accents – they always make my computer break down. Only hope, that there'll never be a french blaster)
Happiness is being given the possibility to launch a new word.
Happiness is knowing a good one when you're allowed to create a new category.
Happiness is finding one of your texts judged on positively.
Happiness is reading a text that makes me smile.
Happiness is reading texts by people speaking english as their mothertongue (not so many here, are there??)
Happiness is having found this website.....

davichi wrote on Jul 16th 2001, 18:29:10 about


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I think happyness will be found by more people under happiness. Perhaps if I am invited to create a new word, I'll add that. That will make me happy and my state of happyness will be enhanced. Please rate this -1 so it will eventually go away. Thank you.

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