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Dortessa about jew
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erwin lottemann about jew

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Izzy about jew

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Daniel Arnold about jew

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ike wrote on Sep 13th 2000, 06:15:22 about


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»I'm not quite a jew, I'm just jew-ish

the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 15:34:33 about


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Why is the word Jewish so far more acceptable than the word Jew?

Stopheles wrote on Nov 30th 2000, 22:34:10 about


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Unitarians are essentially Jews-by-choice, without the thousands of years of rich culture.

Sadly, too many fear the solidity of Jewishness, and resort to pathetic hatred of Jews, which then causes the very sympotms for which the Jews are later blamed...for example, Christians forced Jews to hold their money in the Middle Ages, and now accuse the Jews of sitting in some dark-roomed cabal, plotting to take over the world...

If Jesus of Nazareth existed, he was a Jewish laborer. That fact should give the right wing pause.

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