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Jakob the dark Hobbit wrote on Nov 27th 2002, 20:55:29 about


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madness makes life beautiful
madness kakes life easy,
you can't get lost if you don't care where you are.
Take paranoia, delusions of grandeur, extreme shyness, and excentric behaviour and you get a fine mix!
That's all I've got to say about it. Admit to yourself that you should be in a mental hospital and life begins for you!
Try it!
OK, no one here will believe what I say, so I do it just because I'm mad.

Ina Valentina wrote on Nov 20th 2002, 23:10:48 about


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At the Mountains of Madness
by H. P. Lovecraft
Written Feb-22 Mar 1931

Published February-April 1936 in Astounding Stories, Vol. 16, No. 6 (February 1936), p. 8-32; Vol. 17, No. 1 (March 1936), p. 125-55; Vol. 17, No. 2 (April 1936), p. 132-50.

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