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larry about malodorous

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karl keule about malodorous

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Josef wrote on May 4th 2000, 03:13:35 about


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Malodorous. Sounds almost biblical, doesn't it? This word is beyond the realm of mundane bad smells. It is more suited for describing the events in our every day lives which we all KNOW are caused by Demons.

»And with Malodorous Intent, the can of Frozen Juice did verily Slide from the Freezer compartment and thusly Strike me down

Doug wrote on Apr 25th 2000, 04:04:45 about


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Cabbage can be quite malodorous when cooked, and can further compound its offensiveness by leading to flatulence.

reznicek111 wrote on Nov 12th 2001, 20:04:11 about


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The air vents along Michigan avenue wafted malodorous hints of sewage, fried fish and garlic.

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