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rkcba about maturity
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max maestro about maturity
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rkcba wrote on Feb 17th 2004, 01:55:05 about


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The immature man wants to die nobly for a cause,
while the mature man wants to live humbly for one.

Wilhelm Stekel

ugly duckling wrote on Apr 29th 2007, 22:40:36 about


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when you choose children to be your teachers you are somewhere near maturity.

lilly velisilly wrote on Jan 7th 2007, 17:35:23 about


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maturity is not a question of age but a question of how deep your love is.

rkcba wrote on Feb 17th 2004, 01:58:50 about


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Maturity is the age at which you begin to realize that there are more things you don't know than you do.

Evan Esar
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rkcba wrote on Feb 17th 2004, 01:56:36 about


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A mature wife is one who knows everything -
and still doesn't get a divorce.

Evan Esar
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