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shortie about Buddha

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Gronkör about Buddha

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Gronkör about Buddha

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The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 01:28:59 about


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One thousand Buddhas, dancing on the edge of a knife.

jassee wrote on Sep 10th 2000, 03:37:38 about


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If the buddha is not at hand, perhaps you need look no further than the nearest street corner for a little something (little someone?) to get you by for the time being. That someone I'm speaking of is the Ampelmännchen, the little man on the walk/don't walk signal at the crosswalk.

mondobizarro wrote on Jun 17th 2000, 03:06:38 about


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Any hat could be a reincarnation of the buddha. Mine certainly is.

john jewel wrote on May 27th 2007, 10:39:40 about


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buddha-nature is in every human being. but once you know that, it's still a long way to travel until you reach buddhahood.

Robert J. Antalek wrote on Jul 1st 2002, 11:27:54 about


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THE BUDDHA:Literally means- 'The Enlightened One'.

The Enlightenment of the Buddha is the Ultimate:
(1)Everlasting Permanence
(2)True Purity
(3)Absolute Divine Self
(4)Perfect Bliss

The Enlightenment of the Buddha is Everlasting and Uncorruptable.Nothing is higher,nothing is greater,Nothing is more pure,Nothing is more
blissful.It ends all living beings ignorance
and suffering,caused by the transmigration of
the individual soul.
This Ultimate state of mind is called Nirvana.
Nirvana is the Ultimate Reality to a Buddhist,no matter what anyone may think,say,or do to the contrary.
A good Buddhist should never argue about such
matters.Hateful name calling is not the Way.
What 'is' always will 'be',so why would one dispute such a fruitless point?
This is where one's Faith and Belief,must
exercise profound patience,with people of all
Let us all share our idea's peacefully,with
the sincere hope,of making this world a more liveable place.
A differing view,of the ultimate reality,does'nt make the leader of another religion the Antichrist.
By callng the leader,of a peaceful religion,the Antichrist,hurts us all.
The Antichrist is Satan.Satan represents evil.
Satan steals our hearts,minds,and souls,thus
Satan brings darkness to the world.
The Buddha is the exact opposite of darkness.
The Buddha is the giver of light and life.
The Buddha is not the Antichrist.
The Buddha is enlightenment.
The Buddha has vowed to save all living beings,
even his most hateful enemies.
The Buddha is not the Antichrist.
The Buddha is the great teacher of wisdom and
The Buddha taught this world its most expansive
concepts of the universe.
The Buddha is not the Antichrist.
The Buddha is the great physician king,able to cure the illnesses of all living beings.
The Buddha is our merciful Father,teaching us
all,how to find our Way back Home.
The Buddha is not the Antichrist...
May Peace Come To Us All.



JULY 01,2002

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