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sad about muscle

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venus about muscle

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paul smith wrote on Dec 14th 2000, 18:05:32 about


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The opposite of muscle is elcsum, which sounds like something vaguely annoying, or a mathematical operation conducted by a northern deer.

Josef wrote on Aug 2nd 2000, 04:01:16 about


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I am typing many entries in order to build the muscles in my fingers.
Not really. I actually just want to add another keyword, so that I can further influence your impressionable young minds.
»Mmmmm.... brains
-an unidentified zombie

Freiluft wrote on Feb 21st 2001, 00:10:17 about


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Heavily-muscled athletes are vital, but asexual. Yet I enjoy seeing them move, like horses in a field immediately before a thunderstorm.

sheryndil wrote on May 26th 2002, 04:55:44 about


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In order to improve your tone and control begin by urinating with your legs spread apart. Start and stop the stream several times. After you have done this, get into a comfortable position when you are lying in bed. Put one or two fingers inside the vagina and imagine that you are starting and stopping the urinary stream. You will notice that the muscles on the sides of the vagina put pressure on your fingers. Experiment to determine the way of contracting these muscles that puts the maximum pressure on your fingers. Make sure you experience a drawing up or pulling inward rather than a bearing down. When you have learned how to do this incorporate these exercises into your daily routine.

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