Amount of texts to »no« 45, and there are 39 texts (86.67%) with a rating above the adjusted level (-3)
Average lenght of texts 80 Characters
Average Rating 1.689 points, 11 Not rated texts
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G.Andrews about no
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ZasZ234 about no
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cinderella about no

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marius about no

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Kai about no

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Texts to »No«

seraphim wrote on Sep 5th 2004, 21:56:53 about


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It's the favorite word for parents who've grown tired of reasoning with their children.

Sarah wrote on May 26th 2002, 02:05:33 about


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Does not, under any circumstances, mean 'maybe'.

Orpheus wrote on Jul 3rd 2002, 06:15:00 about


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I wonder how many infants can claim »no« as their first word....

the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 14:36:31 about


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The best oral contraceptive is still the word No.

rkcba wrote on Nov 16th 2003, 16:02:28 about


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You don't have to say no – you can always be noncommittal.

schetait wrote on Jun 6th 2005, 22:12:58 about


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»no« is the only word besides the commonly known »yes« that answers a question completely truthfull or completely insencere

it is up to every individual which meaning to choose – but the wrong choice could destroy either you or the one you answer to

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