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imagineer wrote on Feb 25th 2003, 21:55:08 about


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Computers have always been my passion. I changed from medicine to computer science and at the time IT was really at boom. I am current persuing a 4 year bacholers in computer science course and after completing half of the course I realized that computer science and IT is not as easy and interesting as it seems but one good thing about is this that it helps us to explore lot of other things about life and ourselves. It provides us with tons of information and most of it is what we want to learn and read but for that you dont need to be a techno.

Computer Graphics has been very interesting to me esp. the mulitmedia. Programming is boring and its hard too. Perhaps Its not my stuff. I think if you want to go for computers please make sure that is it what you really want ? Because once if you in this world .. it wont let you out and you will have to stick and keep on doing what you never want to keep on doing all your remaining life.

fuugus wrote on Jul 1st 2003, 15:07:03 about


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is it not very amusing that i cant think of any association for programming, being the programmer?

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