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richard about rubber
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Larry about rubber
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on Sep 25th 2002, 05:23:47 wrote
Hermes about rubber

on Jun 12th 2002, 19:06:24 wrote
sister blonde about rubber

on Feb 24th 2003, 20:18:10 wrote
Allan about rubber

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Jan wrote on Apr 3rd 2005, 10:12:50 about


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Kids love rubber boots. As a kid I always wore rubber boots, every day. We played footy in our black wellies, climbed trees or built dams in streams. In summer we wore our boots without socks, wow.

wisdomblaster wrote on Dec 12th 2004, 19:15:12 about


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What ever happened to that flubber that didn't get used up in the movie. Did they recycle it back to its rubbery components or is it still out there in some vault in its flubber form.

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