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Daniel Arnold about talk

on Jan 12th 2001, 02:20:17 wrote
isore about talk

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mahlet about talk

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OverlordQ wrote on Sep 24th 2001, 05:10:10 about


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Yes you may talk, but is what you have to say important to us?

houska wrote on Mar 3rd 2001, 00:43:24 about


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Why is it when silence arrives, most people only talk instead of enjoying what was bestowed upon them?

Matthew Baines wrote on Jul 11th 2003, 09:48:59 about


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It's good to talk; talking means communication, but not necessarily truth. Talk can be lies. Some birds are said to talk, but infact they are repeating sounds.

god wrote on Dec 5th 2001, 02:35:52 about


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let's talk about all the good things and the bad things...

Jesse wrote on Jul 2nd 2002, 23:06:00 about


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talk about things
talk about animals
talk about the weather
talk, communicate

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