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on Feb 25th 2003, 00:24:33, Beerjerk wrote the following about


Ill have to tell ya, the ground staff of British airways is a fucking pack of bastards, never fly british airways cuz youll just be depressed months after, i had this one jerk when i was about to board my plane from pittttsburgh to europe, and he was such an ass! Telling me like »oh, we dont doo it thut waaaay, mister, we have a different system!« and i was like "all right, but i heard me name announced by the airport announcement system, for some reason, and the ladies at the desk just sent me to you sirrah, and i dont think theyll be mentioning me name for no reason, so, mista, if we could just get on with it, and you fooking tell me what that means, then id be, like, delighted. Dork! If you read that, i still hate you! Naw, you probably wont.

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