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on Apr 8th 2001, 01:56:24, ned wrote the following about


I knew a girl in high school named Deedee Murphy. She was a year younger than me and was for the most part a jock. Her mother was remarried to an alcoholic; I met her real dad at his house on Farmington Ave. briefly, the day we went to my Prom -believe it or not she drove. We went out to a nice restaurant had some oysters which I noticed she was unfamiliar with, an entree, and I can't remember when, but we boozed it up hard with taquila. The prom was a blur -and we ended up passed out in the car afterwards; we had fought. Someone woke us up, perhaps security and she drove the fifteen or so miles to my house at dawn. I was starting to improvise on the piano at that time, and with her on the couch passed-out I played some invention in E if I recall, for some time. It was probably a mode based on the C major scale. E phrygian. My sister's friend Melissa was over, and her voice always caught my attention. I used to walk around the block and stand outside her window or sit on the front porch and smoke a cigarette late at night; this was after high school. I wanted to be with Melissa I recall as opposed to Deedee when I heard her that morning. My mother, my sister, and Melissa disappeared for some reason early that morning, perhaps due to the »significance« of the event. Little did they know I would have kicked Deedee out and fucked Melissa in a heart beat. I really cared for that kid. Now of course she's married, and to an Italian she met abroad. I made an attempt to re-kindle something I think we both understood when she was finishing up college at Smith and I was back in my home town working for my dad; but, it wasn't a good time for me, as I was on paxil. I had also gained weight and had basically shaved my head the day before we met. I saw her in NYC later. After our walk she was apologizing, I don't know why. I said that it was ok, pulled her close, kissed her neck, withdrew, said goodbye and that was the last time I saw Melissa.

Deedee was not unattractive. She was definately Irish, and her complexion is fair and freckled. She was an appealing friend. I still think of Melissa.

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