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on May 8th 2000, 18:42:11, Oetsch wrote the following about


There was a big pile of compost in the so called »plot« of ours. And in my country a »plot« is a kind of garden, or orchard, or whatever you make of it, a plot of land to grow things on. Old people do it most, but if the old people are your grandparents, then you do it too.
So the compost pile was big, and surrounded with a kind of wooden fence. It didn't smell bad, and cucumbers grew next to it. And on the other side there were some nasty bushes and raspberry bushes too.
But the compost itself, hey, I don't remember anything special about it! We would throw them compost on the ground, and that would make the ground nice and fertile and the cucumbers would grow nicely, or anything else that we would decide to plant on our »plot«.

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