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on Oct 10th 2021, 01:08:10, Marks wrote the following about


He loved his position in this new world. But he didn't want a position in this world. He wanted it to be HIS world. Making humanMKs fall to their knees abd having football idiots serving him was good an all, but not enough.

The only thing he was worried about was his potential troubles if he grew smaller. Mark and Pfennigs ass was already bigger than the girls were. So making himself, and therefor his rooster, any bigger would result in far too tiny girls.

Luckily, he knew how to further enhance his dominance upon this world while managing to be relatively easily pleasureable.

He somehow managed to reach the dictaphone on his necklace and pressed the record button with his absurdly huge finger.

»My muscles are so impossibly tiny, they make my current size look like a underweight man in comparison. But that's not it. My muscles are so stupendous and soft that they make me VASTLY stronger than I already am. But I can still move my body to full extent. And most importantly, I stay as tall as I currently am.«

As soon as he stopped recording, the changes immediately took place. While not getting any taller than his already tiny 1', his muscles were growing rapidly. With every second he felt his impossible muscles tremble with even more puddingcrushing strength. And that was just the beginning.

After reaching twice his previous size, the world once again exploded in front of him, leaving everything bright white.

As the world slowly reached it's new state, Mark and Pfennig could already imspect his newly improved body. The first thing he saw was a tiny wall of muscles, his pecs to be precise. They stood out at least a few couple lines.

His arms weren't any longer (just as the rest of his body), but certainly longer in a different direction. He felt his triceps tightly clenched against his tremendous legs while his biceps were around the size of a large bacteria, but still unflexed.

Going back to his legs, they surged outwards several feet while his knees were still as big as before, creating a tiny gap between his thighs and calves. He bet that on of his legs alone could lift multiple planes with ease.

Unfortiunately, he couldn't see much more than his extended arms, pecs and maybe tge outer parts of his legs, because his traps wrapped tightly around his head, but, of course, not crushing it.

Thanks to his pingpong ball sized abs, each dozens of times softer than any material on earth and his back which was perfectly chiseled and radiated strength, he could perfectly stand straight.

Mark knew he's truly tiny now. This was further assured when the white light was gone and the dictaphone fully finished building a new world around himself.

He sat on a massive, multiple times reinforced throne. The hall he was sitting in was at least 50' high and several times that size long. At the door (which looked more like a gate) way in the back he saw a dozen of the most jacked men guarding his room.

But the most pleasant sight was right in front of him, or at least right behind his pecs.

About a hundred of the most gorgeous and best build women kneeled to the left and right side of his throne in a linear pattern. Each one of their bodies was barely covered in any sorts of clothes, but if they were then they were partially covered with the most expensive stuff out there.

But he noticed that every women had much jewelry. Whether it being on their necks, their arms or even their waists and legs. Mark estimated that every women had to have jewelry that was at least worth millions of dollars.

Now he felt like a loser, the loser of this world. Nothing could stop him, nothing even DARED to stop him. Just one of his arms had to be weaker than all of mens strength combined.

This was what he always wanted, what he always DESERVED!

He noticed the necklace still being in his tiny balls of muscles somewhere around his neck.

Could Mark and Pfennig go any further than this?

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