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on Jan 26th 2003, 19:17:27, Agarwaen wrote the following about


my skin feels so white this morning, when i wake up beneath you...maybe its because of the grey light that is floating through the milky window inside the room right now. this very hour before the day begins...
silenty i stand up, go to the window and look ouside. moisture is hanging in the trees, a little car creeps in the little street. i light a cigarette and feel not no be a virgin anymore.
my hair smells like wine and sweat and summer air.
i come back into the bed and lie down near you.
you give a little sigh and turn your back to me. while i look at the tattoo on your back, a flying eagle, i fall back into a dozing halfsleep. you seem to awake now, i feel your hand stroking my shoulder and playing with my hair, i hear your breath near my ear.
though i am half-tangled in a milky dream (the eagle rises from your skin and comes alive) i sense all your sweet power, with which you cover my body. your hands are natural catalysts for your desire. my sleep strengthens my sensors...
your hands, your hands! brush against my warm breasts, sail down to my pelvic bone, on to my very middle, where its still moist and warm and dark. one sight from me and you come closer to drink my tranquile breath. the eagle covers my broken body with his feathers.
and you come over me, and with you also the father the son and the holy ghost to soak my skin with divinity.
and i am more human than ever before, when you grab my waist and turn me around to spill your lips on my shoulder blade. my eyes are still closed your remotest skin layer fuses with mine.
and i feel you inside me, now, softer but also more intensitive than yesterday. you move inside of me and its striking a spark setting my spirit on fire. i hear myself groan and sigh, but far far away, through a deep fork.
i adore your gorgeousness, your holy sweat, your trembling heart, your demanding flesh...
your so powerful and strong, but your heart shivers in my hand...you cant get enough of me and i push my ass against your loins and then i feel it floating all through me, im crying, a purple piece of skin, an azure sky, some painful stains on my legs, an ave maria – and theres my happyness.

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