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anybody about Kraut
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Michel and Bruno and a shade of Batemann about Kraut
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Greenie about Kraut

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Quincy about Kraut

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dorisx about Kraut

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steve wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:11:36 about


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It's great on a Reuben. Otherwise, I have no use for it.

julianne wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 06:37:10 about


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In the U.S. we have a delicious sandwich called a »Reuben.« You may have eaten one yourself. Unfortunately we've had to give up the usual filling, corned beef – because we're either living lower on the food chain, or worried about mad cow disease – and the usual bread is suspect because of all the genetically tweaked grains sloshing around here. Now I make my Reubens with turkey meat on bread made from organic flour, but it doesn't taste quite right. At least the sauerkraut and the dressing are still the same as ever.

felix wrote on Dec 15th 2000, 15:01:50 about


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kraut meet´s Tommy in the street
both they stand on sim´lar feet
they both do like to drink good beer
that is why they stay not here
they go together hand in hand
to the pub like on command
they laugh they drink and get along
in the end repeat this song....

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