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stormvogel wrote on Nov 21st 2002, 07:43:38 about


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Latin America Viewed As Instable

Associated Press Writer

November 20, 2002, 1:12 AM EST

WASHINGTON – It's not threatening enough to qualify as an »axis of evil,« LatinAmerican style. Perhaps »axis of instability« will do.

For the Bush administration, the political portents in much of LatinAmerica are not encouraging.


salsa wrote on Nov 27th 2002, 22:02:42 about


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The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia founded in 1860 by the Mapuche Indians in territory now occupied by the Republics of Chile and Argentina. Orelie-Antoine de Tounens, a French lawyer living in Araucania, was elected by the Mapuche to be the first King of Araucania and Patagonia. In 1862, King Orelie-Antoine was kidnapped by Chilean soldiers and deported to France. He mounted three expeditions to reclaim his throne and rally the Mapuche against the Republic of Chile, which was invading and colonizing Mapuche lands. In 1878, King Orelie-Antoine died in Tourtoirac, France.

genuine empress wrote on Nov 21st 2002, 13:06:23 about


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»Killing Hope: US Interventions in the Third World«

a book by William Blum


Angola 1975-1980s
Brazil 1961-1964
Cambodia 1955-1973
Chile 1964-1973
Congo 1960-1964
Cuba 1959-1980s
Dominican Republic 1960-1966
East Timor 1975
El Salvador 1980-1994
Greece 1964-1974
Grenada 1979-1984
Guatemala 1953-1954
Guatemala 1962-1980s
Haiti 1986-1994
Indonesia 1957-1958
Indonesia 1965
Iran 1953
Laos 1957-1973
Nicaragua 1981-1990
Uruguay 1964-1970
Zaire 1975-1978

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