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Underground about Lisa
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lissi about Lisa
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on Oct 27th 2002, 03:21:09 wrote
shortie about Lisa

on Jul 12th 2007, 12:44:40 wrote
lissi about Lisa

on Aug 20th 2005, 22:13:28 wrote
Informer about Lisa

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Dortessa wrote on Oct 12th 2002, 19:36:23 about


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The Simpson ...
Homer Marge Bart Lisa Maggy

Lisa Simpson, the future president of the United States of America.

cliffy wrote on Sep 11th 2002, 08:55:03 about


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Silly, don't you know »Lisa« is what the girls at FKK places tell you their name is when they're not interested in being »friends« with you? Try asking the boys how many met a girl named Lisa!

moeramone wrote on Feb 2nd 2004, 20:35:26 about


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i just want to say, love you lisa!
oh god, why do you make this possible!
stop making money and tell her to kiss me!

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