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Greg wrote on Jul 31st 2003, 22:38:59 about


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One of my pet-peeves is people (George W. Bush for instance) who pronounce this as »new-cue-LAR«. I mean, really, look at how the word is spelled... there's no reasonable way to arrive at that pronunciation.

Babylon 69 wrote on Sep 27th 2001, 17:27:38 about


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It is time to take the understanding of nuclear atomics into everyday life. What happens when mind is akin to an atom? Any scientific metaphor is already always a self-portait of the culture that spawned it. Nuclear atomics maps the personality gesalt that created, what does that say about that culture?

schmidt wrote on May 17th 2011, 21:51:17 about


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fiftyfifethousand athmospheres applied on heavy water

the compression-module defines the pressure the liquid will take half of his ordinary volume.

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