Amount of texts to »forget« 24, and there are 20 texts (83.33%) with a rating above the adjusted level (-3)
Average lenght of texts 108 Characters
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Caravanserail about forget
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Emmeline about forget
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amber about forget

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Texts to »Forget«

nOvJuL wrote on Apr 3rd 2001, 03:29:48 about


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watch the weaver serene

swim to the end of

the dark orchestra

Popcat wrote on May 24th 2002, 22:54:11 about


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I don't remember falling in love with you. I just forgot that there ever was a time I didn't.

cccccccc wrote on Sep 2nd 2003, 06:50:31 about


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Time is an illusion. Yet remembering obviously involves recalling events from the the past. Hmmm, but maybe there is no past, given how shoddy our memories really ...
...fuck this made sense before I started writing

taay. wrote on Aug 3rd 2002, 13:21:24 about


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Forgetting becomes easier, every day. Our memories fade away, everthing seems to be less important. We cannot hold our ideas, they will just fly away ... like feathers.

rose wrote on Aug 23rd 2001, 12:44:06 about


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forgot why i chose forget
remember me, your blue forgetmenot

mixie wrote on Dec 17th 2000, 09:50:37 about


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time, shelter, image, but memory shall not pass-that i cannot forget

gerj wrote on May 22nd 2001, 02:55:53 about


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does he look at it and remember? or does he look at it and forget? Is something that once was nothing? Does he look at it to remember or to forget?

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