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Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen about granitehat
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Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen about granitehat
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Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen wrote on Dec 26th 2003, 19:49:34 about


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When the mean gnome in the forests of Bonk found the old warden Howitzer from the battle of Dummberkensfredrgrachten, a straight and impish dwarf – whose attendants were two without uniformity dressed moving kidneys – tried to make to the field of Dnoefgrburgen. He was after the treasure of the wall king that were expected there. There the earth opened and spit sugar cotton wool, well cooked and measured. That saw the run away hereditary daughter Rosetta, draped with the pit plate of illuminating exeptionally differently.

Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen wrote on Dec 26th 2003, 19:55:00 about


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The brain deer had five times must seen, before he saw the granite hat immured into the old clip joint, over which he had stumbled. Fallow under its loud feet a woodpecker from his neck, understood in the stumbling, out, which turned and asked to him in a fluttering manner: »Haste times, a friction disk, I would like to rip the granite hat outThere the deers trousers curved. So friendly he had not been ever put on.

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