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Josef about teeth
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sydstranda about teeth
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on Oct 31st 2006, 20:20:47 wrote
shorty about teeth

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Wiggy LePlonc about teeth

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john jewel about teeth

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Mazzy wrote on Sep 5th 2000, 17:31:26 about


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If a law is described as »having no teeth« then it's probably not worth appealing to it. On the other hand if a person has no teeth then that may just be not particularly appealing.

an honorless dog wrote on Dec 14th 2000, 07:46:45 about


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he smiled with those gleaming white teeth of his. those teeth that tormented me so each night in my dreams. if he had said another word just then, i would have killed him.

KD wrote on Aug 21st 2000, 17:04:55 about


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Something companionable stuck in Frank's craw, nuzzled up against his Adam's apple.

lisa wrote on Aug 24th 2001, 21:41:25 about


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i had a dream were two of my teeth came out. The fisrt one was old and had bone still attached to it.The second tooth fell to yet it was bright white with a tiny root still attached

Nils wrote on Mar 2nd 2001, 01:15:08 about


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Hello, Hollywood, knock knock, anybody in there? Teeth aren't white by nature, teeth are ivory coloured!

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