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Achiasa about homeopathy

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wanda about homeopathy

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taylor wrote on Sep 2nd 2003, 05:31:57 about


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there seem to be better forms of alternative medicine. though one day about 9 years ago i found myself wandering into a homeopathic store. the people there were quite concerned about my well being and insisted that i have a seat. i think i was ready to pass out. i was wandering and searching for some answers. the store people didn't know much but they were good company for me at that moment.

william lee wrote on Jul 16th 2002, 17:20:15 about


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works for animals, too, so it can´t be an imaginary cure

even humbler wrote on Jul 31st 2001, 06:27:34 about


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Homeopathy states that the less there is of a substance in solution, the more effective it is.

Thus, if there are no molecules of a substance, that particular solution is more effective than a solution that has x number of molecules.

Yeah. Right.

I guess the cookie crumbs on my plate are really homeopathic gold....

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