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Runyon about jar
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christina about jar
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on May 26th 2002, 21:54:25 wrote
Runyon about jar

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Carrie wrote on Jan 12th 2003, 10:09:26 about


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I keep my mind in a jar when trapped in the car by my lecturing father. At 27, I feel I should be exempt from lectures about everything under the sun. I say »uh-huh« and try not to make disgusted faces as he tries to »help«. I know that this is how I'm paying for his chauffeur service. Silence. When I am completely silent, he never takes the hint. He simply continues lecturing. Who made him god?

christina wrote on Oct 15th 2003, 22:34:51 about


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when i sing, i feel like im in a manager keeps me under a watchful eye
so its hard

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