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magaret backwater about rosacia

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Pat about rosacia

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Gail Forrester wrote on Apr 22nd 2004, 13:25:25 about


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Concerned about my unhealthy skin condition,(angry red skin, spots etc.)I decided to try the doctors, perhaps an allergy to a food has occured? My father has an intolerance to gluten, perhaps this could be the answer...The doctor suggested to trest me for Rosacia, however the cream that has been prescribed means that you have to keep out of sunlight! I mentioned this to a friend and she knows someone who used this cream and it resulted in her having to avoid sunlight for life! I have decided not to use this cream until I check out what else is available for the treatment of Rosacia.
Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic, so I shall try this first and also go to a Herbalist to see what they suggest..
Any comments or opinions, please do......
Any information please give comments..

Ray wrote on Feb 26th 2004, 05:52:36 about


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My eye doctor told me I have Rosacia. He Rx me with
tetracycline 250mg caps, 1 per day (antibiotic) also
I must bathe my eyes with a washcloth soaked in very hot water for a few minutes each AM and then, with a
Q-tip and a liquid called »Ocusoft« scrub the lids.
It must be working because I am not tear-ing as
much and the red is less but he says I will have to keep on doing it for-ever or it will come back...

mary wrote on Jan 14th 2004, 00:21:20 about


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my face on one side has been red and had little pimples for about 3-4 months. at first it did't bother me because it was very unnoticeable, then lately it seems to be more pronounced and people are starting to ask what's wrong with my face.

Alf wrote on Aug 5th 2003, 14:36:19 about


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I just found out I have rosacia. I discovered red ness on both my cheeks which I ahd earlier thought to be dry skin. After about two years- i showed the Doctor and he said it looked like rosacia. So far I am using a topical application gel, with results. Please can someone explain how this came about in the first place. And, what causes it.

sheila montgomery wrote on Jun 15th 2004, 13:44:36 about


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I would like to learn more about this disease. I have just found out that I have it. I have broken capillaries on my face. I have always thought that it was just redness in certain areas on the skin. What can be done about the broken capillaries? They are ugly.

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