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boi about society
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August about society
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Sandra Hambikutani about society

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August about society

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Greg wrote on Jul 24th 2003, 08:44:15 about


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Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.

Oscar Wilde

Gabe wrote on Nov 5th 2002, 04:08:02 about


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Society is what keeps us some small way.

wigbomb wrote on Oct 29th 2001, 10:17:48 about


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Seeking to unravel the mysteries of fish, the Vampire with the speech impediment accepts a common laborer's wage. Soon he becomes absorbed with jealousy of the elves, who spend their days in pleasant society in the cyberfun room while for him this is all about inedible entrails and trying to learn the business. An elf is late the next morning, but they don't miss each other, one more or less.

boi wrote on Jun 18th 2000, 20:25:35 about


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a collection of cultural institutions, interpretations, and insinuations, played out amongst the huddling masses through collective reasoning and a shared, collective conscious: society.

hans wrote on May 19th 2004, 07:41:24 about


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Society is made up of three parts. They are liberal, moderate, and conservative, or left, center, and right. Society will be much better off when we all move to the middle.

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