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First text on Dec 31st 2000, 18:54:53 wrote
Silberfinger about something
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Emma Example about something
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on Nov 17th 2006, 16:59:31 wrote
mehraj shah about something

on Nov 20th 2004, 12:43:38 wrote
pascal about something

on May 26th 2001, 14:06:36 wrote
tarquill about something

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Texts to »Something«

chainik wrote on Dec 8th 2002, 11:48:39 about


Rating: 12 point(s) | Read and rate text individually

»Say something in Spanish!«

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus wrote on May 25th 2001, 22:41:25 about


Rating: 20 point(s) | Read and rate text individually

A wrongdoer is often a man who has left something undone, not always one who has done something.

--Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

auralchaos wrote on Feb 22nd 2002, 06:01:05 about


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If »something« is not at hand, what can one do? Write it down!

LJD wrote on Feb 18th 2001, 23:58:33 about


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It could be something or nothing. Things but only some of them. Something I do or think about. Something in the air. Somethings nver change. Thats something coming from you.

Xanadu wrote on Apr 2nd 2002, 01:23:38 about


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Something negative is happening in this world.

Cara wrote on May 25th 2001, 03:42:10 about


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an object, feeling, emotion, or a Beatles song. Take your pick.

Topical68 wrote on May 6th 2003, 20:44:32 about


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something is better than nothing, but still isn't everything.

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