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lissi wrote on Dec 14th 2006, 18:09:43 about


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sport was hell for me because head a ruthless sportteacheress which assessed our gymnastical and ercising skills very svere. Once I felt from the balancebeam, once from an assymmetraical bar, once from the vaultinghors and besause of the minitramp I had good luck because I felt it could have got paraplegia. Sometimes I was hidden by a ball. Also several fellow students have been fallen from such a dangerous apparatus. What we had to wear in these lesson was a leotard wiht long sleeves and ballerinas and we had take of our socks.

cliffy wrote on Sep 11th 2002, 07:27:33 about


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I admit it...I grew up on a farm and spent most of my life there. I've lived in a major city for near on 3 years now and I mostly get what's going on, but there are still things I just don't pick up on, like these here questions from a sports quiz in the news-paper:


6) The Steelers got their name in
commemoration of Pittsburgh's:

a) once-famous steel industry

b) petty thievery

c) Spelling Counts! school program

7) The Green Bay Packers were named
in return for financial backing from
which local industry?

a) moving & storage

b) undertaking

c) fudge

d) lunch meat

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