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filch about wastehat
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ccc about wastehat
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ccc about wastehat

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filch wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 22:54:16 about


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"I teach robots. I stand in a room on a little stage. Apparatus connects my body to a grid on the white floor. Various green foot pedals available at my feet change the parameters of the lesson. My right and left arms are rigged; most of the time they're rigged, but every so often some other part of my body gets rigged.

"Today i am teaching forty three wait units the intricacies of ketchup bottles.

"Last week my tongue was rigged for the training of sex units. That was exhausting. The law prohibits us from using a real partner so those twenty seven su's were cheated. Fine hardware doesn't get the education it deserves.

"Sometimes my job frustrates me. I am a perfectionist. I don't get any support from my employer. The law is stacked, so i can't do my job effectively.

"To perceive the space around myself i stretch my tongue up in the air. The muscle dries. A rigid cracking of my buds as i turn them into the hot wind. I do this without moving my head as the sockets holding my ears pinch when i tilt my chin. To my left the blurring roar of industrial strength forced air popping machines. They pop my environmentally safe packaging, again. I assume i will be shipped out soon.

nick the click wrote on Jan 30th 2005, 21:33:56 about


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Who will ever add a sequel to this word?

And why?

wigbomb wrote on Oct 26th 2001, 21:59:08 about


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The boss embraces toolbar chaos, why he only hires geeks. The easy answer is always solidarity.

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