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the old pirate about winter
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Emma Example about winter
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on Apr 22nd 2006, 04:42:04 wrote
Emma Example about winter

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Robert F wrote on Apr 22nd 2001, 18:09:43 about


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Winter is a great time of year. Sledding, snowshoeing, and shoveling are all wonderful winter activities. Ok, maybe not shoveling, but when you choose to live in canada that is part of life. Hockey is good too.

ken madden wrote on Apr 16th 2003, 18:50:16 about


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winter comes after fall but spring comes before them all. And if you can find

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 11th 2002, 16:02:47 about


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»The English winter – ending in July, to recommence in August...« (Lord Byron – feeling grumpy because he was unable to sunbathe at the Naturists' Beach this year).

the old pirate wrote on Mar 23rd 2001, 16:41:49 about


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In the winter where I am from, if you put a pot of boiling water outside, it will freeze so fast that the ice is still warm....

freezingmybuttoff wrote on Dec 7th 2002, 02:43:33 about


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cold snow
sticking out one's tongue
city becomes quiet
dogs and cats leave tracks in the snow
sitting inside, drinking hot coffee
building a snowman
taking the sled to the hill
hoping for spring

doro wrote on Feb 25th 2004, 00:07:22 about


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winter is the time where cuddles, kisses und love are the best to keep you warm.

ken madden wrote on Mar 8th 2003, 05:34:31 about


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winter fishing by cutting a hole in the ice

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