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»If this thing can do whatever I want, then I should try something impossible
Noli picked the phone and recorded:
»I'm a grotesque clown. Everyone thinks this is completely normal and natural. I can move around without any problems, no matter how fat i am.«
After Noli finished, he looked at his stomach. But seconds passed, and nothing happened.
»I should've guessed. This thing is just a stupid...«
Suddenly Noli felt something strange. He looked down and saw that his belly was growing! It grew bigger and bigger until it became slightly visible from his clown shirt. His chest also swelled a bit.
»No way!«, Noli exclaimed, placing his hands on his swollen belly. "I'm actually grotesque!
This phone actually works!"
He sat at the couch and lifted his clown shirt. His belly looked even bigger naked.
»It actually feels pretty good to be fat«, Noli thought while rubbing his belly.
He looked at the phone.
»What should I do next

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