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on Dec 15th 2000, 13:37:09, van daale wrote the following about


hi richard
following a link from Krautrock @ pHinnWeb i found your page about the bmg. it is of course very interesting and luckily overfilled with information. great. but if you are interested i could give some additional information related to the musical sources.
in my collection i have a 7" by brian eno with the female duo snatch called r.a.f., snatch discussing the sacrifice in stammheim with some typical brian eno noises mixed with the voices of the kidnappers of hanns-martin schleyer. haunting.
then there is a 7" ep by the dutch baader-meinhof-group if i remember correctly (i know where i should find it in my collection, but right now i am at work). it sounded like cabaret voltaire mixed up with joy division.
the next thing i remember is »bingo masters break-out«, the first single by the fall, on which they discuss the simultaneous suicides (sic!!).
then there is an obscure 7" released by a very very little marxist/leninist party in germany. the singers explain their solidarity with horst mahler who at this time was in prison. very strange. meanwhile horst mahler became a fascist as you might know...
then of course there are two recordings (one live, one studio) of cabaret voltaires »baader-meinhof«: some mumbling and strange noises over original radio sounds from 1977. haunting as well.
normahl, a german punk band, had a song about stammheim.
daf (= deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft) mention baader and meinhof in one of their songs.
and i am sure there must be more references in music. a friend of mine has a very large collection of old school industrial music (throbbing gristle, whitehouse, nurse with wound etc) and i know that bm and the raf are often mentioned in there.
so i hope this was interesting for you, feel free to contact me again.
if you answer by pressing the answer button you will reach me at work where i am not 24 hours a day of course, so please be sure to send your message as cc to dur@addcom.de

all the best

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