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on May 8th 2000, 19:00:59, oetsch wrote the following about


Yes, I like Plastic too, the cool substance that makes our life so exciting. There is plastic and plastic. In my country, couple years ago, we had such ugly plastic, that nobody would clal it plastic, nobody would even recognize it's plastic.
But now our platic is great, as good as anywhere else. We love plastic, we love them plastic bags and bottles. But please remember, plastic bags are actually harmful for the environment, and same goes for the bottles. And if you don't unscrew the cap, the machine that crushes everything at the trash dump can have problems witht the little plastic bottle, cause the condensed air inside make it so tough, so so tough.

And as for superheroes, Godzilla seems to be quite cool, the one from the old crappy movies. And Il like captain kronos too, the one that runs around with an old alarm clock like Flava Flav from Public Enemy, and has a funny hat and a metal holder for music sheets with notes on them, and whose battle yell is:
Kapitan kronos czeka na donos!!!

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