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Jeff about plastic
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Ocean Gypsy about plastic
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on Dec 26th 2009, 14:44:32 wrote
Ocean Gypsy about plastic

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Jeff wrote on May 8th 2000, 07:27:08 about


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Plastic man was the coolest. He'd flatten himself into the shape of a rug and creep into the bad guys' hideout. Then he'd make himself into their table while they sat around him and drew up their evil plans. Everything about him was just so great.

batgirl wrote on Nov 21st 2000, 22:28:22 about


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We used to have to eat in a swimming pool. Not the blow up kind, but the hard plastic type.It was green and blue with happy whales smiling and spouting and fishes and one purple octopus kind of off to the side. She put our highchairs in it, so that no food would get on the dining room floor.

Joan wrote on Jan 30th 2005, 05:26:00 about


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>>Plastic or Paper??<<

That question asked at the grocery store check-out could refer to either the bags in which your groceries will be placed or the method of payment.

Which is more environmentally friendly?

Which is more fiscally sound and safe?

Model 1018 wrote on May 13th 2007, 14:38:34 about


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Where would we be without plastic? Just look around you and think all the plastic away. We'd be in trouble for sure.... but since it is made of oil, we may soon have to find out how to live without it.

oetsch wrote on May 8th 2000, 19:00:59 about


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Yes, I like Plastic too, the cool substance that makes our life so exciting. There is plastic and plastic. In my country, couple years ago, we had such ugly plastic, that nobody would clal it plastic, nobody would even recognize it's plastic.
But now our platic is great, as good as anywhere else. We love plastic, we love them plastic bags and bottles. But please remember, plastic bags are actually harmful for the environment, and same goes for the bottles. And if you don't unscrew the cap, the machine that crushes everything at the trash dump can have problems witht the little plastic bottle, cause the condensed air inside make it so tough, so so tough.

And as for superheroes, Godzilla seems to be quite cool, the one from the old crappy movies. And Il like captain kronos too, the one that runs around with an old alarm clock like Flava Flav from Public Enemy, and has a funny hat and a metal holder for music sheets with notes on them, and whose battle yell is:
Kapitan kronos czeka na donos!!!

anna wrote on Feb 18th 2008, 23:46:03 about


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sound, a sound person is the opposite to a plasic person

Edo wrote on Oct 1st 2003, 06:18:24 about


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On my first trip to Tokyo I decided to visit an area of the city not normally found in the guide books. You see, in Japan, it is the accepted custom for all restaurants to display in their window a selection of life-like models of the dishes that appear in their menu. In order to keep the fillets and noodles on display looking crisp and fresh these models are rendered in a wide range of plastics. Toyko is centre of the production of these stoneless peaches and while I was there I resolved to witness the process that creates them.
With this goal in mind I searched out a man whose life-long career had involved the endless task of making leaf after leaf of fake cabbage. Molten plastic, coloured to match the foodstuff being made is drizzled into a deep tray of ice water. On hitting the surface, the goo begins to harden, but before it can do so a craftsman, armed with various brushes and spatula-like instruments strokes, bothers and teases a shape from its spinning globular form. Then, without thought or delay, a second, whiter colour is added to the mix and blended with the salad green that is sliding through the water. It is at this point that a remarkable change occurs. Images of fresh salad being washed before dinner begin to swamp the truth of what is truly being observed. There is a descernable moment when the visual experience of this process changes from witnessing the observed to seeing the expected. I knew there is no leaf, I saw how the core of the vegetable had been formed by an accumultion of lighter, stickier fluid. I even noted how the veins of the leaf and the ragged imperfections of its edge had resulted from the random motion of bubbles fizzling across its surface. But my mind was fooled, I had found a match and was locked into it.
A little later, I browsed through the store front of the workshop I had visited. Sitting on the shelves were plates of juicy barbeque beef, bowls of ever-steaming ramen, hoards of freshly cooked dumplings. I bought a sushi key ring, I still have it with me now, and, I must admit, I felt a little hungry. As I do right now, strange that, lunchtime, I think...

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