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on Feb 17th 2022, 05:12:19, Emma Example wrote the following about


the idler
hotchkinson need down ion sei knees. he said help help please help paschallusta, paschallustta, mister officer general, i have no pistol in the train, i have no revolver, imade a joke, this was for laughuing, because they ask so much silly questions in their transit permissiondemand, have you war munition oder shooting guns in your baggage or any other explosive bigger than for school chemistry demonstation, an i wrote, revolver, because i wanted to see if they read the passagers declaration and wahat have could been happen, all told all countries are free now and i was a absolutely nobody perhaps with papers in the hands of my compagnion, who found absolutely hazardly two other women, which i found myself in a quartett with three woman, one old one middle old the other relaive young and energetique, so during the train voyage i remember par example d‘avoir appris that in russian they have some more words for a very joung and than older and older becoming woman tahn in other languaches were we know, very jeue enfant, jeuene engafnt, enfant, quasi normal enfant, mais aussi deja grand, alos alors probablement capable der reseminatsion, you know, et a partir de la, jeune femme, femme dun certain age, pas loin des frontieres natureslles, et old and active woman or old an fat inavctive woman or old and fat and active or old and straigt not fat an middlebit active and very concerned about the pain pair manandwoman with all kind of bothloved if this really could be in the area of behatschkomings one day or soon please, we have not maded this reall test, to see and speak us. or it ist an illusion only in my head. didnt we speak and laghed about each other, this world theater with raelly daily soundsoviele, überall, man könnte es jeden Tag auf dem Klobus einmal aufleuchtenlassen, verschiedenfarbis je nach ursache oder alter, blinkende pünktchen, so sähe die reale nachrichtenlage aus. nicht erfreulich. wir tun alles um das leben schön zu machen.

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