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Nick Nack about Alaska
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andrew unger about Alaska
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tim about Alaska

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jasmin about Alaska

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Das Gift wrote on Sep 8th 2002, 01:23:05 about


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I wish I was there ...

... since I spent my time in Labrador I'm in love with the woods and the skies and the falls ...

Jasmiin wrote on Nov 15th 2005, 17:15:53 about


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alaska is a very nice staate ! alaska is the biggest state fo the USA! the name alaska comes from the Inuits.there is no daylight in barrow for 67 days.but the sune shines day and night for 84 days.alaska has 3 wonderful nationalparks!some people say alaska is one of the nicest staate all over the world!

Nick Nack wrote on Aug 9th 2001, 21:51:46 about


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There's a dessert called »Baked Alaska«. Shouldn't that be served with a drink called an »Iced Hawaii«?

scott wrote on Sep 8th 2002, 01:09:46 about


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I miss Alaska. I am lonely in the Lower 48. Alaska is freedom and endless sky.

oona wrote on Aug 10th 2001, 06:29:36 about


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»Alaska... Where men are men and women win the Iditarod.«

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