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Bürgerfried about China

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wauz about China

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Bürgerfried about China

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Zabuda wrote on Jul 10th 2004, 00:49:39 about


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I still don't remember where that sould be, but in China they have those strange mountains; green and so steep that no one should ever be able to climb upon them. Saw them in my geography book in 9th grade, and ever since that moment I´m keen on getting there.

The Green Man wrote on Jun 2nd 2000, 02:11:50 about


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In China there is a town where everything is grey, from the mud to the houses to the hair on the people. In the middle of this town is a statue, made of iron, and instead of being grey, it's rusty brown.

Jeff wrote on May 16th 2000, 02:55:18 about


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Above the entrance to the Forbidden City that faces Tiananmen Square is a massive portrait of Mao Zedong. He's so huge that the wart on his chin is actually the houses a small collective that collects air pollution and packages it for sale to greedy American entreprenuers. The pollution, in powdered form, is sold as a flavoring.

KD wrote on Sep 20th 2000, 22:16:09 about


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»The Great Wall of Chinasaid Piccadilly, taking a long swig from his pint, »is the only man-made structure visible from space

»You always go on about spacesaid Frank. He wasn't sure if he was complaining.

»Anywhere out of this world, Frank. Anywhere looks good from here

taylor wrote on Sep 2nd 2003, 05:50:27 about


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i would like to visit although i think it is my responsibility to learn the language where i am visiting. i can't see how a westerner as stubborn as me could learn an eastern language though.

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