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Stephan Hombergs about anyway
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B Starr about anyway
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on Jul 29th 2002, 01:46:38 wrote
Daniel Arnold about anyway

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B Starry Night wrote on May 5th 2004, 06:18:32 about


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Anyway, it's better not to be boring.

StarWarrior wrote on Nov 18th 2003, 15:52:44 about


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is anyway really some way?
or is it more like no way?
is there some way to make anyway not no way?

Stephan Hombergs wrote on Feb 5th 2002, 21:53:20 about


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I loved you before. Do you love me now?

[das flederwiesel]™ wrote on Jul 23rd 2002, 03:27:50 about


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most, least, favourite...

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