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hardy about different

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no_id about different

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Mazzy wrote on May 16th 2000, 17:31:31 about


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I've always known I was different. I'm inclined to think that most people do. I'm very curious though about people who genuinely think they're the same. I mean, do they really feel that way, or are they just doing it to make some sort of a statement? Perhaps they're only trying to be different from the rest of us.

dominic wrote on Sep 17th 2001, 07:21:50 about


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Difference is possibly one of the most beautiful things I can think of.

diversity is beautiful

Glenis wrote on Dec 19th 2002, 17:22:23 about


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Different is good. Don't ever let anyone tell you it isn't.

ubbo wrote on Apr 27th 2000, 14:52:31 about


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everything changes
everything is different

[das flederwiesel] wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 17:48:26 about


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»Everything will be different« I said, not knowing if I myself could believe this.

daniel wrote on May 4th 2000, 09:44:39 about


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It was once put to me: How is a panda bear different from the milky way?

pippi longstockings wrote on Jun 15th 2009, 13:52:51 about


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dare to be brave, dare to be true, dare to be different, dare to be you.

bluecat wrote on Oct 17th 2000, 10:35:28 about


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Please understand. We don´t want no trouble. We just want the right to be different. That´s all.

rkba wrote on Nov 11th 2003, 20:46:07 about


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No two people are alike, and both are usually glad they aren't

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