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A.E. wrote on Apr 30th 2004, 11:47:45 about


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OTHERS, I am not the first,
Have willed more mischief than they durst:
If in the breathless night I too
Shiver now, ’tis nothing new.

More than I, if truth were told,
Have stood and sweated hot and cold,
And through their reins in ice and fire
Fear contended with desire.

Agued once like me were they,
But I like them shall win my way
Lastly to the bed of mould
Where theres neither heat nor cold.

But from my grave across my brow
Plays no wind of healing now,
And fire and ice within me fight
Beneath the suffocating night.


whatevernext96 wrote on Mar 27th 2002, 21:03:23 about


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The last shall be first – but who's organising the queues.....?

Korrosiv wrote on Feb 18th 2001, 07:15:15 about


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to be the first is a mixed blessing. standards are set, making any accomplishments seem either godly or primitive.

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 30th 2002, 18:20:02 about


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First and foremost – but how long can you hold that position?

Phaedrus wrote on May 30th 2006, 03:31:24 about


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It is only because of the current vector of time that I am not first, but last.

BobinBoston wrote on Oct 24th 2004, 03:38:59 about


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In the first inning of the first game of the World Series tonight, David Ortiz blasted a three-run homer into the stands.

BobinBoston wrote on Oct 16th 2018, 23:13:59 about


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First pitch is scheduled for 5:09 PM Boston Time today!

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