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ike wrote on May 29th 2000, 08:22:20 about


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While commonly though to be an amphibian, a frog is also a nifty type of fastener commonly seen on stereotypical kung-fu clothes. frogs help give kung-fu clothes their wild, cool-looking kung-fu style!

Mei wrote on Jul 28th 2002, 18:49:39 about


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Little Tommy Tadpole began to weep and wail,
For little Tommy Tadpole had lost his little tail.
And his mother didn't know him as he wept upon a log,
For he was no longer Tommy Tadpole, but Mr. Thomas Frog.

mossy wrote on Jul 5th 2001, 03:40:12 about


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you are not forgotten, little girl with
bad glasses, bad warts, and splayed out feet,
dressed as a frog for halloween
to take back their teasings
and their hate clubs,
to have one day
bigger than them.

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