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poopo wrote on Mar 9th 2008, 23:56:30 about


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Darn politically incorrect term! There are no giants or giantesses, there is »giantfolk«.
»When will they ever learn?...doobie-doo, doobie-doo«

LarryC wrote on Dec 7th 2001, 21:25:51 about


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There is a giantess that allows both men and women to stand upon her shoulders. With her torch she illuminates the land from horizon to horizon.

Joe Dash wrote on Jun 16th 2005, 13:58:14 about


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Giantesses can be so large that they can easily crush men underfoot, just like insects. If they are evil enough, they sometimes twist them out like cigarette butts, leaving only small red stains on the floor.

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