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quintaxica wrote on Oct 17th 2004, 20:20:13 about


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As girls become women, they expand from their experiences and thoughts and their questing for answers to questions they have. Some ask just to ask, never wanting a solid reolution, others seek answers as a way to gain larger questions.
EVERY step they take takes them higher and higher. The physical particle experiential side and the emotional/mental wave question/scholastic side both synergetically enhancing what each woman is, what glory and exhileration in such a being.

LarryC wrote on Dec 7th 2001, 21:25:51 about


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There is a giantess that allows both men and women to stand upon her shoulders. With her torch she illuminates the land from horizon to horizon.

qasim wrote on Apr 13th 2004, 14:19:53 about


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the most thing i love about a giant women is her giant feet and toes i like to be smached by a giant feet of a women.
and i love to kiss her feet and to be a good slave for her specialy if she had a sexy toes.

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