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Dragan about sesame
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shortie about sesame
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sara the mac wrote on Aug 3rd 2000, 04:59:49 about


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open sesame: one of those magic phrases i was afraid to utter as a child ... for fear it might not work!

Cliff wrote on May 13th 2002, 14:16:15 about


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sesame is a word that can open mythical caves

420 wrote on Dec 23rd 2000, 17:42:37 about


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Please someone anyone can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? All my life I have searched for it. Longed for it. The simple life of the street. Where each day is brought to us by a different letter or number. Ahhh to be there.

sea-ridge wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 12:31:20 about


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Yes, I have met Sesame. She was then an exotic dancer at the Chi-Chi Club on Broadway. This was before she was famous. As a part of her act, the waiters rubbed her all over with butter, then stuck potato chips to her body. She would dance up to spectators and offer them a part of her body to eat the chip off of. No touching, just use the mouth.

shortie wrote on Dec 15th 2002, 01:39:05 about


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I love the way that spices can say things to your tounge that you could never put to words.

a wee girl wrote on Apr 20th 2000, 08:53:29 about


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tahini: Delicious paste from squashed sesame seed, used for making hoummus, which is a delicious paste from squashed chickpeas!

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